(Turn off the compositor, select a rather expensive Gtk+ style like orta and drag a window across such gtk+ window to _see_ what i mean) and you’ll pay the server roundtrip anyway (and on /every/ pixel row/column), Of course fancy things like transparency, shadows, *blurring* etc. I agree with all the proposed changes (thank you for implementing this and for continuously improving kwin!!!) @jbernardo: AFAIK, disabling compositing completely will still be possible, just enabling it always will be removed I think. The second part Thomas has been working on is allowing applications to block compositing. While Plasma completely supports being without compositing, the world looks different with the two new Desktop Shells to be released this month. Even in Windows you can disable compositing. however there’s either compositing or there is not. I've just installed Ubuntu 19.10 with KDE Plasma and the Sweet theme. I did not see any consensus on the mailing list that we need to turn off the effects. sort people you have to deal with. Also what about adding the option into special window/application settings of KWin? i dont want to wait 2 or 3 years for it to happen when i need it to do it today. From the same screen, you can define a shortcut to enable/disable compositing anytime. Type "gg:kde4 visual guide" to search Google for "kde4 visual guide". This list contains the most common shortcuts supported by … Click Global Keyboard Shortcuts on the left pane 4. So can’t we just leave opengl compositing on and forget it? When you say that there may be a increase in power consumption with composite turned off, what support do you have for that? For games there is only one proper solution: turn off compositing. does okular have a nice ascii text read mode?) Looking at the openSUSE games repository, it looks like it has over 200 Linux-based OSS games. In advance I think you can’t. kde/linux sux…”), (2) the uncomposited notifications that appear when you are watching a video fullscreen look different than the composited notifications in other situations (“that notification looks so ugly when watching stuff fullscreen; kde/linux sux…”), (3) there is no compositing on a remote desktop (“why does my desktop look different when I access it remotely? for all those cases there is the windows rule frameork and there is nothing wrong about sharing those rules over collaboration services. On my old pc that was the case – radeon 9600 pro didnt made all of the animations smooth, so at some points i needed to disable it just to make desktop snappier. 2-making window based disable compisiting for apps that don’t support this api These are only shortcuts for KDE, other applications have their own shortcuts. I really don’t know about the use cases of the average KWin user but in my case compositing does not greatly affect the performance of QuakeLive (Linux version). You can then move the item with your arrow keys.Keyframes can also be moved individually. For example under Windows some web browser plugins always disable compositing (QuickTime and QuakeLive come to mind). KDE is an open community of friendly people who want to create a world in which everyone has control over their digital life and enjoys freedom and privacy. The only effect where it might make sense is for example blur when running out of battery. KDE is an open community of friendly people who want to create a world in which everyone has control over their digital life and enjoys freedom and privacy. But yes, if we add a new standard we need to implement it in each and every application. With unredirection compositing would be started again, causing an ugly flickering and taking away important resources from VLC. In general it’s a damp stupid idea to use compositing on a remote desktop. Block compositing. For example under Windows some web browser plugins always disable compositing (QuickTime and QuakeLive come to mind). If GPU decoding and compositing clash, act according to a pre-set rule of either disabling compositing or or switch from GPU decoding to CPU decoding. We only need changes for games which are demanding on GPU – let’s call it the FarCry category. a multihead setup. KWin Now Supports Suspended Compositing « Linux « Technology « Theory Report, Welcoming a new OpenGL Compositor « Martin’s Blog. Timeline Edit Mode - Normal Mode. What happens when an application requests to turn off compositing and then crashes? I meant in the grand scope of things I do on my PC, it’s a corner case. to 1: I plan to drop the functionality chechs. Another big thumbs up for getting the right abstraction layers. As explained here, you can open a new session (=tab) by sending a qdbus command. (so you don’t have to know & press the shortcut whenever you launch gl client xyz because it’s too slow otherwise or mesa will crash KWin). you really need to let the user also decide, not just a developer that may never do it. Depending on how efficient the client does this, it can be “quite ok” to “horribly expensive”. only if going to fullscreen and withdrawing the property when returning to normal state. Note: Global Shortcuts also has shortcut information for other core aspects of KDE, like the KWin window manager, KDE Power manag… While Compiz nowadays supports non-OpenGL I do not know how good this is and whether Unity supports it. As soon as you would switch to fullscreen, VLC would set an X property to tell KWin “now please don’t composite”. Probably compositing related (happens mostly but not exclusively when I switch desktops). all quite stress the GPU and -depending on the driver- take more or less power. Even stupid people have a right to live. By changing KDE's System Settings. Disable Timeline Preview 20. Be sure to check their shortcuts for a detailed listing. Is there a stable API for such things or the programmer has to make up his own mind how to solve things? I think that this has to do with compositing. I play complex 3D games on my desktop with (metacity’s) xrender compositing, and my current experience with gnome shell is that it doesn’t slow down my 3D apps at all.

kde disable compositing shortcut

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