She’s all black with some wirery white hair her back. When I went around her, she jumped and knocked me over into the chair and immediately was licking my face…. They also have an even shorter undercoat. But has this week, wavy soft but coarse hair down his spine. Some was overboard, though. I know his age because he was a stray dog with a collar and tag. HE OBEYED REALLY WELL!! So the liver never gets a chance to remove those toxins, and the organ itself fails to grow properly. Someone had posted him on Facebook stating that they “didn’t have time for him” as usual. So and trained him good!! Wants to continuously jump on people and gets very excited with loud noises such as large trucks, tractors and lawn mowers. It’s awesomely pleasing how smart these dogs are. She is my shadow and does try to herd me I dont mind as I know it’s in her genes! I had surgery on my foot and had to take a year off from my morning walk. I noticed today that she seemed to be wagging her tail. Never try to “change these dogs natural instinct to protect “!!!! His only problem… barking at cars while he’s riding in the car. But seems to have mainly attached to just me. If you expect difficulty, you will not be disappointed. It could Save your life!!! My sister is an amateur dog trainer, and her advice has helped. Good luck. I often have to check what is going on in my head, as it will be reflected in the dogs behavior. I did a meet and greet and we had an instant bond. Some people refer to all Australian Cattle Dogs as Blue Heelers, regardless of their coat color. Breed differences in canine aggression. Journal of Small Animal Practice. She gets daily walks or hikes. Around the middle of her body is growing back slowly. And you can find some rescue societies below. I rescued a 5 year old deaf healer. The breed is largely credited for using their expertise to help ranchers efficiently expand the Australian beef industry. Mammalian Genome 2012, Hunt G. Effect of breed on anatomy of portosystemic shunts resulting from congenital diseases in dogs and cats: a review of 242 cases. When I regined myself and stopped laughing I did open the door… To find claw marks on my steps and porch. She always needed someone at home with her. This dog is sturdy with a burst of speed and extreme agility. Australian Cattle Dogs are also prone to common diseases that affect the joints of many dog breeds. This is to give owners different sized or colored Blue Heelers, which is where the Miniature Blue Heele r comes along. DNA tested for health and age, & low & behold, 3 are purebred. Now I just wake up with him laying across my body. she was about 18 months when we got her so she rides in the truck with me I Drive an 18-wheeler and she loves the truck she is turned out to be the best dog I’ve ever had will be a very sad day for me the day she passes on to the Rainbow Bridge she is very well behaved she loves children other dog and somewhat people person, Yes it will be the hardest thing in the world to lose ur cattle dog I lost mine after16 years I am still not over it yet but keep in mind there r a lot of heelers that need a good home. If you have a Blue Heeler, why not tell us about them in the comments below. He jumps at everyone, though, which people find scary. The Blue Heeler dog has a reasonable lifespan for a purebred pup. No owner found so I decided to keep her. Farrell, L.L., et al. She’s fed 3/4 cup twice a day . My husband took over feeding and treat giving during this time, I have rehabilitated and back to walking in the morning. The Australian Cattle Dog, or Blue / Red Heeler for short is a hearding breed. She is the most affectionate, people-pleasure, cuddler I have ever had for a dog. This is part of her guarding the house. Luckily we were in a position to supply this. So whilst they can make great pets if you have the time and energy to dedicate to their healthy lives, you will need to always supervise these dogs around smaller children. The cause is unknown. Blueys (blue Australian cattle dogs) are loyal, tough, smart but pushy. Mixing native Dingoes with Collies and other herding dogs, Australian George Elliott developed the Australian Cattle Dog (the Blue Heeler) in 1840. Therefore, it’s very important to consult with your vet if your puppy is not growing as he should or seems unwell. Which is better: Australian Kelpie or Blue Heeler He has been a very good dog. I have taken back feeding her dinner at night. I’ve gotten use to it because he rides everywhere with me unless it’s really hot outside. She is turning white on her back and back legs. (Weird..) I currently am having several issues that I am not real sure how to address or if they will sort out with time and SEVERE determination…lol. I would like to know the best DVD to purchase in order to train my blue heeler. (We go when it’s not packed.) She has selected me as her human! children. But if we accept them, she accepts them. Very sweet and smart. At least that is how Todd responds best to new people. Very good dog. She goes nuts if the cats walk anywhere in the house. Officially, however, he's the Australian Cattle Dog; the \"heeler\" moniker comes from the fact that the dogs were bred to herd cattle by nipping at their heels. Moreso, always go to a breeder prepared to ask questions. The Blue Heeler is an Australian working dog breed. The Australian Cattle Dog - Dingo. mine is proof! I have 2 siblings from the same litter, both males and they are synced and do everything together but they constantly fight. Australian Cattle Dog Society of Great Britain, Effect of breed on anatomy of portosystemic shunts resulting from congenital diseases in dogs and cats: a review of 242 cases, Dog Temperament – Choosing A Friendly Puppy. Two days later I went to pick up him and his belongings only to learn that he was being beat, also that he was in a kennel for 10+ hours a day. Without things to do, your pup may get bored and could start misbehaving to occupy itself. And that number continues to climb. The Labraheeler will typically combine physical traits of both … She will not feel as much of a need to protect you or freak because she is unable to move away from a stressful situation. Till he gets signed up for training. You can also check out some of our favorite Blue Heeler puppy purchases here: Not the Blue Heeler is the right dog for you? To see the evolution until today. At birth had no control but later in life got a little better. We have had blue heelers for over 25+ years and truly love the breed.. We currently have 3 now and the oldest is 15!!! It’s also vital to keep up with recommended medical checks. BMC Veterinary Research 2012, Shariflou M et al. Here are some other similar dog breeds you might like to consider: If you’re still not sure you want a purebred dog, you may want to look into some Blue Heeler mixes. When anyone comes over, she is constantly barking and if you don’t watch her, she will come behind and nip. Have not seen it twice. I have a blue heeler he is almost 3 years old. I just adopted a 2-year-old American blue heeler with a mask last week. He loves the cattle ranch on the side of my property. Ours want to everything with us. If a Blue Heeler does not get an outlet for its energy, it may become bored and destructive by chewing on shoes or furniture. Less than 2 years old feisty PROTECTIVE very cool dog I will be happy to overlook her idiosyncrasies! The Blue Heeler dog (or Queensland Heeler) makes for a very good watch dog. The vet verified they had seen the dog once but that any mail they had sent to the owner’s address had been returned marked “not at this address”. Let’s find out if the Blue Heeler would be a good match for you and your family. ***Pro tip: On leash and off leash are 100% different. He knows how to sit and lay down, he knows the command ‘come’, he knows how to give me his paw, and he knows the command ‘stay’. This is an extremely active breed that will happily become your next running or hiking buddy. My Heeler’s ears were flopped over for almost five months. I can find height and weight but never length. Salmon, beef, and chicken are great sources of protein. I think he has only lived outside and was possibly abused.

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