Enterprise Network Monitoring

Service that monitors and protects enterprise networks within your business, ensuring your networks are defended from potential threats and inappropriate content.

  • Advanced malware detection and protection keeps you and your networks safe from malware threats
  • Monitors and collects IP and network traffic information, ensuring your networks are not being used inappropriately and monitors bandwidth use and availability
  • In any sector of industry, MCSS helps make sure your company enforces strict compliance of standards throughout the network, ensuring no weak links

Endpoint Security

Protects your corporate network from threats. Server and Endpoint threat detection keeps you safe from entities attempting to gain unauthorized access. Threats are detected early, before damage can be done.

  • Security updates to your systems keep them protected against emerging threats

Patch Testing

We handle patch testing for you, doing our best to ensure that patch management problems are quickly and successfully nullified.

Vulnerability Management

Finding vulnerable points and fixing them is vital to strengthening and maintaining a robust, healthy network.

  • Vulnerability scanning finds weak points so that they can be dealt with accordingly
  • External penetration testing determines your risk points on your external network allowing you to close or mitigate these risks

Security Monitoring

From license management to log management and end user access control, MCSS keeps eyes on your network from end to end.