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Our team has experience dealing with the unique IT needs of hospitals and medical professionals. Quadrivium will help to ensure that your data complies with HIPAA regulations and government oversight by providing professional data privacy for hospitals and clinics of any size.

“We rely on the services of Quadrivium for all our IT needs. Within minutes of submitting a ticket on their easy-to-use portal, a kind and knowledgeable tech will reach out to us. They are always friendly and eager to assist us, no matter the issue. Their prices are very reasonable, and since we are a non-profit organization, that is another one of the factors in our decision to work with them. Thank you Quadrivium for your service to excellence!”

Gina Campbell
Hope Cancer Resources

Healthcare Special Considerations

Brent Obana
Healthcare Industry Specialist

MCP Licensing Specialist

As technology changes, so do regulations, requirements, and best practices in the Healthcare Industry. Quadrivium has many years of experience in partnering with hospitals and clinics to manage networks and information systems while keeping patients’ information totally secure. Let us help you provide the best, safest care possible to the people and information under your protection.

Healthcare organizations are a top target for data theft and hacking.

When you’re storing personal information like medical records and insurance documents, patient confidentiality and cybersecurity are of the utmost importance. With Quadrivium’s IT and cybersecurity services, you and your patients can be confident that every step is taken to prevent breaches and malicious activity.

CREDIBILITY/CUSTOMER CONFIDENCE: Your technology practices must inspire the confidence in your clientele that you can be trusted with their personal information.

PRIVACY/HACKING: With the increased possibility of malicious parties accessing or reselling your patients’ data, cybersecurity and privacy are completely essential for healthcare organizations.

AUDITS/REGULATION: Government audits and regulation require careful, precise management of information systems and technology. Let our team of engineers handle your organization’s IT and cybersecurity.

Recommended Services

Disaster Recovery

Don’t wait until it’s too late to have a recovery plan for your organization’s important files. Quadrivium’s team of disaster recovery experts will assess every aspect of your business’s technology infrastructure and create a plan to minimize data loss and downtime in the event of a disaster.


Quadrivium’s data center is any cyber security professional’s dream facility, and can be put to work for companies in any industry. Our expert team of engineers is focused on keeping your data safe around the clock, making world-class cyber security a possibility for organizations of any size.

Onsite Management & Monitoring

Ensuring your software licenses are up to date and cost effective can be a full-time job. Free up your IT manager’s time with Quadrivium’s operating system management and monitoring services.


Quadrivium Managed Endpoint Service, or QMES, is designed to help IT managers with their daily tasks by taking managing software updates off their to-do lists. QMES also tracks hardware and software inventory and monitors your network’s status.

Server Solutions

Organizations don’t need to sink time and money into purchasing and maintaining a server rack of their own. Quadrivium’s state-of-the-art data center hosts virtual servers for our customers, so they can enjoy the benefits and convenience of a dedicated server without the large investment of time and capital needed to maintain servers on their own.

Email Solutions

Quadrivium provides hosting for Microsoft Exchange Email services, without the hassle of dealing with encryption and security, or the high price of an unnecessary, dedicated Exchange server.

Bundled IT Service Plans

QCore ...Fundamental IT Management Plan

This is the backbone of our bundled service offering, designed to take the initial setup and routine IT work off of your IT manager's plate. Quadrivium begins with a solid backup, then sets up an efficient maintenance infrastructure for your network, servers, desktop, and devices. A routine maintenance automation program is then engineered for backing up, logging, tracking, and monitoring activity. IT managers quietly keep you running behind the scenes. Offered on a fixed monthly fee, Quadrivium Fundamental IT Management Plan delivers trouble-free service so your team can focus on the big stuff.

QUADRIVIUM Advantage + ...Best in Class Service

Quadrivium Advantage + gives your organization access to best-in-class IT management and software as part of Quadrivium’s premier package offering. It includes access to our cybersecurity management and hardware, plus our premier workspace management and cybersecurity software. It includes QMES, MCSS, and QCare for quick and easy access to our professional helpdesk whenever you have a question or need help. Offered on a fixed monthly fee per user, Quadrivium Advantage + ensures an optimized, comprehensive cybersecurity framework where you need it most.

QUADRIVIUM Advantage ...Maintenance and Protection Value

Quadrivium Advantage combines our most effective technology services in a package deal at a great value. This service tier includes QMES, MCSS, plus a monthly block of service hours from our experienced engineers. Quadrivium Advantage protects an organization’s devices against data loss and cyber security threats, laying a framework for safe, standardized IT security for any company. Quadrivium Advantage is perfect for customers that want to standardize their IT budget with a simple monthly payment. This plan includes a set number of service hours per month, at a discounted rate!

QCare ...Premium Cyber Security Service

QCare is a lower package tier that adds monthly customer service hours to our QMES service. You’ll have near-constant access to our friendly team of cyber security and IT professionals at a discounted monthly rate! Our convenient help desk will answer questions and provide training to ensure your organization is getting the most out of its cyber security services.

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