An ideal service for companies whose employees are not specifically trained in cyber security. MCSS ensures your business is protected from cyber security threats by offering firewall, Wi-Fi, physical server, VMware, switches/routers, and network monitoring and protection services. MCSS can also cover the devices that connect to your network and servers.

Is your business prepared for the unexpected? Life is sometimes impossible to prepare for, but only sometimes. Businesses need contingency plans for unexpected disasters and business owners need a way to get critical operations back up and running as quickly as possible.

Are you doing all you can to protect your business from losing data? Data loss can be detrimental to your business if you are not prepared. In many cases, it can even lead to bankruptcy. Businesses need to be protected against data loss to avoid harmful downtime.

We know your business depends on the performance of your system to thrive. You need 24/7 up time, no interruptions – and absolutely no intrusions